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Unit Play & Technical Immersion


8 team sessions - $150/player

12 team sessions - $200/player

60 minute-long sessions full of instruction and insight on how to execute the technical skills of the game; Ball control, Passing, Dribbling, and Shooting. Please contact Coach Jorge to schedule.

Our Unit Play and Technical Immersion Program is designed to help players master their technical foundations, improve their ball control and touch, and learn how to apply these skills in small sided games and drills.
We begin by teaching players effective techniques in fundamental skills such as dribbling, turning, passing, receiving, shooting and more. We deconstruct the respective techniques for these skills in great detail. By moving in phases, we help players understand every aspect of the technique and the body mechanics required to achieve a proper and effective form. We demand excellency and consistency from our players to optimize their progress. Our goal is to help mold players into dynamic technicians capable of excelling in every position on the field.

Additionally, we teach players the importance of playing as a unit by focusing on quick passing, spacing, and off the ball movement. Players will be placed in small sided games and drills with the main objective of keeping the ball from the defense and creating spaces by moving to the area where the situation demands. In these lessons players will learn how to react to their shifting teammates and the opposition defense - in real time. Players will learn to recognize problems and will be challenged to apply the best solutions. Quick 1 or 2 touch play is the standard. Players will be challenged to apply technical skills in accordance to each unique game situation. Directly translates onto the big field, as any soccer match can be broken down into a countless series of 2v1's, 2v2's, 3v1's, etc.
This program is designed to teach players a valuable sense of awareness and an understanding of the game that will elevate their soccer IQ to a higher level.



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