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Technical Mastery Program


8 team sessions - $150/player

12 team sessions - $200/player

60 minute-long sessions full of instruction and insight on how to execute the technical skills of the game; Ball control, Passing, Dribbling, and Shooting. Please contact Coach Jorge to schedule. 

Prime Soccer Development highlights and accelerates individual player development through our Technical Mastery approach. Technique always comes first! ​We have a firm belief that technical ability is the main pillar which supports rapid and consistent development as a soccer player. 
​Master the core techniques in soccer: passing, dribbling, first touch, aerial ball control, shooting - and more! Our Technical Mastery Program is designed to help players perform these different skills in game-like situations. We deconstruct the respective technique for each skill in great detail. By moving in phases, we help players understand every aspect of the technique and the body mechanics required to achieve a proper form. We demand excellency and consistency from our players to optimize their progress. Our goal is to help mold players into dynamic technicians capable of excelling in every position on the field. Exercises may be customized or adjusted based on player level and needs. Contact us today to begin your Technical Mastery Program!

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