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Orange 1


Little to no experience but has the desire to play. Has begun to develop coordination and sensory integration and is ready to begin influencing the game. Basic level of ball control, dribbling and passing. 

Blue 2

Experienced Beginner

Player who has played a few seasons and can influence the game. Is becoming more assertive and can perform base techniques at a fair level. Able to receive a firm 15 yard pass on the ground consistently and is learning to control the ball while moving. Able to easily perform an accurate stationary 10 yard pass consistently. Player is learning the base of shooting technique and is able to maintain a 10 yard shot on target from a stationary starting point.

Green 3


Very well-rounded player who needs fine-tuning and challenge, can complete 10-50 calm juggles on command, makes little to no unforced errors, especially in receiving the ball. Able to receive most air balls without pressure. Clear progression in shooting technique, form has become more consistent, and can now aim a 15-20 yard shot straight on the ground from a stationary starting point. Has  improved tactical understanding of off-the-ball movement (finding triangles) when their own team is in possession.

Maroon 4


Assertive, makes no unforced errors, can handle high pressure, can complete 51-200 calm juggles on command, can make things simple, can carry the ball themselves when needed, can switch the point of attack using one touch. Has begun thinking ahead resulting in superior spacing. Player is able to recognize problems early and easily understands which skill move to apply to solve them. Makes players on their team better. Shooting technique has become excellent from a stationary point, can aim from 20-30 yards out. Is able to shoot from a moving position accurately. 

Black 5


Assertive, makes no unforced errors, can handle high pressure, can complete 25 juggles with a tennis ball, is committed to continuous connection, tracks their own teammates positions consistently and reads their intent meticulously, can apply elegant and yet appropriate skills at will. (Top 10% players in elite leagues). A master of thinking triangles into existence. Can create triangles, recreate the form, run across the field, and regenerate the triangle again. Has virtuoso levels of technical mastery and understanding of spaces. Can start imagining plays before they unfold and alter them with insightful control. College or Pro-bound level, usually one of the most elite players on their club team.

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